Monday, 30 November 2015

Call of duty 2

 We hop on the abandoned bus with broken windows and zombies coming out.  We shoot the zombies with our pistols and the zombies flop to the floor.  The driver starts  to drive but he has no arms, so how is he driving? Are arms are shivering with fear so we can't aim properly. We arrive at the diner but it's crowded with the zombies having a party. “Sorry the party poopers are here.” We hop out of the bus and we look at a door with a thin light trying to fight through the glass . “I will open the door Cooper because I have more powerful ints than you,” Jasper said, while he was swimming in his points.

We open the door and a big flash came at us “I can see a faint outline of a long box . What is it Cooper?”  
“It's called the mystery box, box, box..”
“Why is it could a that?” Jasper asked.
 “It's the mystery box because you gave it 950 points and it opens and goes through all the guns and stops on a random one.” Cooper replied. 
“ Yay I got the hammer,”  Jasper said, loading the gun. Ch ch oooooooooo. “Get wrecked zombies”!   BEEP BEEP.
“The bus is leaving, quick!’ Cooper yelled. 

We run to the bus and hop on and the bus starts to drive.  The zombies chase the bus but we shoot them bang bang bang !!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We arrive at a farm “What do we do?” asked Cooper, confused.  “All I see is a port-a-potty,” Jasper said. We walk up to it and it opened so we walked in but we fell down into a lab. It was filled with gadgets and free guns. We took the guns. Then something bad happened - a mad zombie scientist came and started to attack us. He took the guns off us so we ran back to the bus and jumped on.

 But then he started to chase the bus.  We tried to shoot him but we had no guns. But it didn't matter because he ran into a wall and died. We’d saved the world.

By Cooper & Jasper. 


Thursday, 29 October 2015

waimairi school

Darren mows the field with the rusty, old lawn mower, going as slow as a turtle, even a little slower. The cricket pitch is lonely, he needs someone to play cricket on him.

Gum trees tower over school like prison fences  trapping all prisoners. The veggies stand in straight lines in order. Silverbeet, peas, carrots they're like a little vege army protecting the prisoners.

The big field is so massive it seems that Darren will never finish and the kids will have to wait to play. Classrooms filled with little kids learning, rotting their brains with knowledge. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Rugby final

Rugby final.
It was a Saturday morning.  I was getting ready to play in the final, versing Burnside. We'd beaten them before but also lost to them once so it's pretty even. I was in the car listening to Ac Dc  at full blast to get me ready and fired up for the big game. I got there and started my pre-game ritual which was to try tackle my dad as hard as I could. And after that I was ready to play.  

I ran on the pitch ready to smash some people. We kick the ball long and far, they come running up and I got ready to tackle. He comes straight at me looking like a bulldozer but I smash him. He got back up and tried again but I smashed again. After 20 minutes of smashing people it was halftime and the score was 7-14 we were leading by one try.  

After couple of oranges, we ran back on the pitch and started to play. I had the ball and I ran as fast as I could . Boom, down goes the first guy. Now for the next guy, but he strips the ball from my hands, runs to the try line and scored. The score was level at 14 all and only 5 minutes left. They kicked the ball and I just managed to catch it. I step past the first, blow over the second guy and smash the third guy. THE CROWD GOES WILD I’d scored! And it was all over we had won

Thursday, 24 September 2015

My backyard

 My backyard. 

My brothers run around kicking the ball over the rugby post but the rugby post is in pain because they keep hitting it instead of getting it over the post. I thought they should practice more .
The grass is wet and slippery making us fall over and giving us grass burns. Trees tower over me not letting a speck of sun thorough. Tall fences block us from having a peek at the next door neighbours' loud party.

The green disgusting creepy creek bubbles at the back of my house. I think that's where the monsters live because there's always groaning sounds.  Roads packed with unmoving cars, in deadlock .  Kids scoot to the dairy ,to buy lollies that will give them a sugar rush.

I shiver as the green wet grass brushes against me . The grey clouds roll in and tip a bucket of water on me , I have to go inside.


Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arts reflection

This term we've been learning about arts and how arts connection to Maori values and are communities.

I have learnt a lot about this now I think I could teach others. Last Thursday we showed are lerring in town I showed this by making a musical it was called winter sport toumert we also did a dance in it we also did the haka. It was a great experience I loved it. I enjoyed the food trucks and I loved performing and also watch others perform.

I connected to audience by doing the haka loud so they could hear. I also connected by looking at them.

Hear is a link to the haka we did

Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Do you keep a map in our pocket? I do now. Because you never know you might need a map like when you're on a road trip or trying to find the rugby stadium or when your going for a bike ride you never know . This is the story of why I carry a map.

It was the worst shopping trip of my life. I was at pak'n'save with mum we were in the worst aisle of all... da da daa.. THE VEGGIE aisle. All I could see was disgusting green vegetables. In my mind I was spewing . I sprinted as fast as I could trying to get away. I didn't notice where my mum was or where I was . I was scared out of my mind  as a five year old kid would when they've just been lost.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs.  I had to think of a plan to find my way back. I knew what to do- I will backtrack to the vegetable aisle where I last saw mum . I shivered with nerves hoping my plan would work. I found the vege aisle to find mum. I felt like I was spy, a really sacred spy. I scanned the aisle, looking for her but she wasn't there. Luckily I had I plan b, I was going to find her this time.

I ran as fast as I could to the customer service desk asking to the lady “Do you know where my mum is?” She asked for my name. I replied with Cooper. She spoke into a big black microphone “Has any lost their kid called Cooper? My plan worked, my mum came straight away.

And that's why you should always carry a map because you never know if you might get lost at pak'nsave. If you don't you will regret it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


Monday, 3 August 2015

Maori ritual reflection

Our class has been learning about Maori rituals. We learnt about what they do to welcome people, they do a powhiri which is a welcoming ceremony. At the start of the year I knew nothing about Maori culture so I was prestructural. But now I know much more about Maori culture and how they welcome people so now I'm relational because I know when and how to use it. Now that I know about Maori culture I respect it much more. Here is an audio link of our learning